Sunday, 6 September 2015

rocket plank

One blazing day in Melbourne. Shirley was teaching 12 adults How to do a proper plank because half of them didn’t know how to do one. when Shirley was in her gym with the adults she explained to them how to do it.   

 First you lie on your stomach on the ground put your arms in front of you move your arms back to your shoulders and push your self up with your arms, your back needs to be straight with your toes touching the ground. Then you have to stay up there for 5 minutes.

When she does it her deltoids and her back ach. she feels exhausted but she is going to keep pushing her self because she Is the instructor. On her fourth minuet she was dripping with sweat and her arms are shaking. As the adults watch they see that Shirley is aching.

On the last minuet she was happy that she made it and with a smile she looked at the adults waiting for them to do it. so it was the adults turn there muscles were aching as well as Shirley’s. will they complete the 5 minute plank?

From shanelle         

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