Thursday, 3 September 2015

High Ropes

A horrifying view

One sunny day Wednesday Room one went to the high ropes course at the community center. We went there so we could build our confidence and learn to trust others when we were 20m off the ground.

Before we started on the high ropes, our instructor Luana, warmed us up. The first thing we started off by playing boppa tag so we can work as a team.

The next activity was making a pyramid using all of our people in our class. We tried making a triangle , we tried putting four people on the ground and three people in the middle of them but that did not work.

After that Luana had a ladder set up with a netball on it. What we had to do was lift the two ends up and someone had to stand on the two steps on the ladder. They had to stand on the ladder while everyone lifted it. The person on the ladder had to take a shot in the hoop while the other people lifted the ladder. You had to balance.

Then Luana took us to put the harnesses on. They harnesses were a bit loose but we had to pull the two black straps on the sides to tighten it. The harnesses were  strong so we stayed safe during the whole high ropes course.

This is the equipment we used on the high ropes.
Carabineers to hook on our harnesses.

The bilayers are gadgets that make sure that the locked position person would not fall off the obstacle course. The first thing we learnt was how to hold the rope that was connected to another person’s harness. You had to hold the rope in front of yourself then pull one rope forward and take it around your body. This was the locked position. We practiced the process 5 times so we could get used to it.

After that we went on the HIGH ROPES! I was so excited about that moment until we actually got to it. We had teams of four. I was with Kristine, Khalos and Sharon. The first activity on the high ropes was the wobbly bridge. When I started I felt nervous and my feet were frozen. When I started I felt nervous and my feet were frozen to the ground. I touched the pole at the end of the bridge and walked slowly back to the middle where we had to fall off the ladder. I started crying because I thought my team-mates could not catch me when I fell but in the end I got over my fear and fell. I was swinging by the rope. It was fun!

The next activity was the centipede. This hung from the ceiling like a ladder with no sides. When it was my turn I was terrified because it was so high. I climbed up to the roof of the Community Center on the Centipede and touched the ceiling. I was belayed down from the ceiling by Sharon. Kristine  pulled  the centipede away so it would not hit me as I came down. When I got down to ground I felt marvelous because I had done it!

Our last activity was the double tight ropes. On this activity there were two wire ropes with no handles on the sides to hold onto.
You had to put both feet on one side so you could get across it. When my two feet stepped on the rope I thought it was easier that the bridge. Throughout the whole activity I tried not to cry and I didn’t. I faced my fears. Throughout the whole day I had a fantastic time.


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