Thursday, 10 September 2015

at the mind lab

one monday we started the term off by going on a trip in gisborn the mind lab is a cool fun place were we learn heaps of cool new things

when we got there the first class we went in to was the robotics room were we worked with oldie with the robot car which were controlled by controls.the next thing we did with oldie was that we had to pick a buddy to work with my buddy was kristien we had to go on a computer and go on mc shortcut and we had to change the left motor and put the speed on five and we had to try it out and ours worked

so the next room we went into was in that room we got to make our own game off this website called scratch the next thing andy told us that three is soft ware in every thing in boats in cars in aireplane in every thing thats why you should know a little bit about computer programming  then we went into time room full of cool animations we had to make movies wee we had to make them move slightly so that they look real i really liked the mind  it was a cool  experense.

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