Thursday, 10 September 2015

At the beach

On thursday we went to the tokoroura  beach for a swim and a picnic first we had to gather up s wood to set the fire for the sausages when we were waiting me Tia patrica were practaiceing for the cherleding team. Then the sausages were ready every body was lining up for own and when we were finished every body went for a swim then mis Grover said its time to come out of the water now it's time to clean up so we picked up all of our rubbish and me Montana linden mem jahnea and fire alison were the first people in line then the rest of the class came back  to school and had a swim at school then we went on the bus and  my brother Rome was so exsasted and tried. But went we were at beach mis said at the bridge ok it's time to count of because we had numbers on our hands so we don't get lost.

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