Tuesday, 19 May 2015

El Gregoe the Amazing Bird Magician

As I walked into the library I saw all these amazing colours and El Gregoe with his assistant Sue also known as his wife, told us all his tricks he was going to show us.

When the show started he said something about anti-bullying then he showed us a paper that had the words of colours on it but the words were a different colour font. He asked, "what colour is this word?" He tricked us because he asked us what colour not what the actual colour it was.

The next trick he showed us was when he put a green feather in the frying pan and then he burnt the feather and when the fire went out there was a green bird that appeared. He pulled it out then put it back in the wooden rectangle box, then a blue and yellow Macaw called Zazu. El Gregoe said that there were hardly anymore of these kinds of birds left .

Then he showed us stinger the bee he said always uses the strategy WITS which stands for 

  • W-walk away
  • I-ignore 
  • T-talk to a friend 
  • S-stop
El Gregoe also said "you've got the power to make a difference in your school". I think he means
that we can stop people from bullying and helping people. What a cool show.



  1. I love the way you introduced the Elgregoe experience you had Shanelle. I can tell from reading your post you have proof read what you have written and also though carefully about the key message Elgregoe informed you of about bullying. You definitely have the power. Miss O'B!