Tuesday, 17 March 2015

on st patricks day

on tuesday the 17th of march we celebrated st patricks day.On saint patricks day every one wore green because we had to celebrate st parick the boy that had the four leafed clover which gives you good luck. the most people that had green was kalani patrica and miss o'b. The person who got the prize in each class was kalani in room 2 was kaedyn and memaree in not sure who one in room 3. kristen was a green m and m lisa was a green lepracaun.In the afternoon diana the duffy lady came for duffy assembly the firs thing she talked about waster she went all over the place she went to new york wellington los anglos. When she came she brought a sting ray stinger it was the size of a ipad but wider and she yelled that the sting ray grow as tall as they can.The next thing she showed us was a dinosaur fossil and purple crystals in a half a rock. The next thing she showed us was a horse shoe crab and the very very last thing she showed us was a piece of snake skin then she left after she gave our duffy books out.

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