Monday, 30 March 2015

end of term evaluation

in maths we learned rounding in comprensation. in stastistics we lernt to coolect data and put it inyo graphs .the other thing we did was place vaule we had to work wi miss grover and our teacher. they both gave us some maths but it was in words we had to figure out how we were going to draw it on 
our place value houses i found the zero being a place holder difficult.

we are learning to write abou the authors point of you and how they felt when they wrote it we did rad readers when we had to write the main charecters or charecter in the book that we readwe also had to read the book and describe it.

in writing we learned how to write a topic sentence and three supporting sentences that relate to the topic sentence and a concluding sentence to end your paragraph 

in inqury we had to write aboutour furturr kaitiaki and some art to finish it. some other things we did was write a letter to the council because there was to much people camping  every were

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