Sunday, 9 November 2014


at the gala on saterday we went and we saw all the cool stuff around the school the first thing i did was go to the tag my stand and i got my name tagged and we had to choose our coulor of the board  and choose orange and green then i went to the guess the lollies my sister runs it you have to guess how many lollies there are in the jar only miss o 'b new how many lollies there were if you get the correct answer you get the jar of lollies. then i saw cherie doing the coconut throw you have to three a ball at the coconut so it would crack open and we would get a new coconut and we can eat it then i wen to the photo booth to have a picture with kristen then i went too th bench to choose which colour i wanted to put in my hair then we took our picture and left with my dad to go and take my go cart home so we put it in the van and quickle went to put my name in the kids multi raffle and helped him then we went to go and look for some cloths in the libray the we started wating for out names to come out of the raffle then i got my name called out and i went to get my priez form the front and i got a neclace and erings and fake nails and a bag with a graffie thing the end 

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