Wednesday, 28 October 2015

for string art made surveys to help us decide what string art we should do for the gala stall. we are having it for the gala because we want to fundraise for our school pool so every one can swim in it. the popular thing that every one choose was converse,purple,green,blue,dog,horse,square and the flash.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

raumako rages

i read raumako rages with my group slythern and it was about lava and tectonic pressure plate get toot and start to bump each other and they start to push each other down into the earths core and form into magma and then the earths crust get harder and harder and then earthquakes start building up because the tectonic pressure plates bump each other under the ground and the ground start shaking and braking

Thursday, 10 September 2015

maths evaluation


 In math’s we have been learning about fracctions and adding decimals. What we have been doing in our maths is learning to split fractions and add fractions  up so they make decimals. We have also been learning about racheouse and percentages. We put fractions on numbers on the number line so they can be ordered Were they go.

I enjoed putting fractions on a number line and subtracting decimals

I need to improve on subtracting more deimals cuse I don’t understand some decimal problem I also need to improve on ordering fractions on a number line

In my maths I think I did well with my decimals and split fractions so they fit amonst a whole number line.

At the beach

On thursday we went to the tokoroura  beach for a swim and a picnic first we had to gather up s wood to set the fire for the sausages when we were waiting me Tia patrica were practaiceing for the cherleding team. Then the sausages were ready every body was lining up for own and when we were finished every body went for a swim then mis Grover said its time to come out of the water now it's time to clean up so we picked up all of our rubbish and me Montana linden mem jahnea and fire alison were the first people in line then the rest of the class came back  to school and had a swim at school then we went on the bus and  my brother Rome was so exsasted and tried. But went we were at beach mis said at the bridge ok it's time to count of because we had numbers on our hands so we don't get lost.

at the mind lab

one monday we started the term off by going on a trip in gisborn the mind lab is a cool fun place were we learn heaps of cool new things

when we got there the first class we went in to was the robotics room were we worked with oldie with the robot car which were controlled by controls.the next thing we did with oldie was that we had to pick a buddy to work with my buddy was kristien we had to go on a computer and go on mc shortcut and we had to change the left motor and put the speed on five and we had to try it out and ours worked

so the next room we went into was in that room we got to make our own game off this website called scratch the next thing andy told us that three is soft ware in every thing in boats in cars in aireplane in every thing thats why you should know a little bit about computer programming  then we went into time room full of cool animations we had to make movies wee we had to make them move slightly so that they look real i really liked the mind  it was a cool  experense.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


tipene came to temahia school to tell us about who he is and were he came from. he is a raper what he did was show us some of his raping music and we had to find some words that rhyme in the song  after that he got four people tocome up and make a beat for tepine khalos was the sneer of the drum anthony was the kick drum piece and violet was making a shhhss sound and with those sounds tipene made a beat box beat using three instruments on a drum and then he made his mean as beat. after that tipene made a rap about ngati kahanunu because that is his iwi. then we were given our books one by one then we took a huge photo with tipene 

Sunday, 6 September 2015


Tēnā koutou katoa
I te taha o tōku papa oku tepuna 
Ko hui a nui te maunga
Ko hopuhpouhoneneng te awa
Ko takitumu te waka
Korauhina te marae
Ko ngatikahangngu  iwi
I te taha o tōku māmā
Ko Tairea te maunga
Ko Whangawehi te awa
Ko takitumu  te waka
Ko raunhine  te marae
Ko Te Whānau o Te Rakato Te Kōhanga Reo
Nō Te Mahia ahau
I te taha o tōku pāpā Ko tama rauako Ko ngaire,  ōku tipuna
I te taha o tōku ōku tipuna
Ko jose Thompson tōku pāpā
Ko gaylen Thompson tōku māmā
Ko dallas tōku tuakana
Ko jojo raotu shonnon ratou roxy tōku tuakana
Ko izac rauako zion tōku teina
Ko rome oku potiki

Ko shanelle Thompson ahau